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Custom Application Development

Software development is one of the major practice areas for Initiate and forms a major part of our workforce. We maintain dedicated development and support teams on different computing platforms. These include: Microsoft Technologies, Open source Platforms and Web Based Application Development

Practicing a properly documented software development work methodology is extremely essential to meet deadlines and project objectives, besides a fully researched and developed work models for different project categories. The models are tailored to the features and functionality of the specific development and deployment tools. This process evolves on a continuous basis offering the best solution available in the ever changing information technology scenario.

With specific coding standards for each development tool, various checklists for layouts, design templates, software libraries and, testing methodologies, our IT Consultants are enabled to significantly reduce the development time to produce robust and documented software.

Our Open Source Edge;

We offer our clients an edge in the market by designing and implementing complete Open Source Solutions. Here is an example of such solution:
Using Open Source Environment i.e. Linux Operating System in Java Language as front-end with NetBeans IDE , PostgresSQL as backend database and JasperReport / iReport as reporting tool.
There can be a number of such customized solutions all based on our client needs.

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