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IT Consultancy

A sound IT infrastructure can mean rapid access to online information, fewer system crashes, quicker e-mail, virus free environment and, generally, computers that function with a minimum of trouble. A reliable infrastructure can also ensure the success of any future technology endeavor. Our technology services offer a wide spectrum of products and solutions that is realistic and practical in today's business world. Assist in the design and implementation.

.‘Do it yourself?  Out-source?’  -   We enable our customer to focus on the core business activity without them to worry the technical details.


  • IT Infrastructure and Management Consultancy
  • IT Procurement Consultancy
  • IT Human Capital (HRM) Consultancy
  • Business Process Outsourcing Consultancy
  • Existing Infrastructure Maintenance

Other Managed Services

Desktop & Server Management

  • Server optimization - Installation of any server in any environment either Window or Linux.

POP Email Server

SMTP Email Server

Cups Printing Server

Dictionary Server

DHCP Server

File Server

Samba Server

Http Server

Https Server

Ftp Server

Squid Proxy Server

Internet Sharing Server

Chatting Server

Application Server

Backup Server

Network & Communication Management

Our network services offer the latest in technology and best practices in the market today. While preserving your initial investment or otherwise new expansion we recommend, design and build the necessary infrastructure that is practical, scalable and robust to support the ever demanding bandwidth in today's digital business world.


  • SOHO Networking
  • Corporate Enterprise Networking
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN)
  • Network Management Services
  • Network Health Reporting

Installation Services

  • Software installation & optimization

Data Migration Services

  • Migration to new software versions

Support Services

  • Troubleshooting
  • Dedicated & non-dedicated support services for application software and solutions
  • Delivery covers onsite, offsite & offshore support options
  • Maintain backup resources
  • Maintain virus & other software patches as and when required
  • Maintain user profiles
  • Maintain software licenses
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