In the Name of the GOD Most Beneficiary and Merciful


k-FAMS, fully featured customized software specially designed to keep track record of multiple Fixed Assets i.e. Land, Building, Machinery, Furniture and Fixture, Vehicles etc.

This software also has the feature to track record of:

  • Recording of Fixed Assets of multiple companies and branches
  • Inter-transfer of F.A between branches and Companies.
  • Tracking of Cash payment on account of Repair and maintenance of each single item.
  • Tracking of Cash payment on account of Fixed Assets Cost Addition.
  • Automatic Depreciation Calculation
  • Automatic posting of Depreciation on Financial Module.
  • Multiple criteria based reports.


  • Platform independent
  • Single and server based system 
  • IP based system
  • Multiple User Data Entry 
  • User security management
  • Backup procedure

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