In the Name of the GOD Most Beneficiary and Merciful

k-Time Attendance & Payroll Management System


Time and Attendance System is a touch screen system. Itís not only touch screen software but it also takes live snap of employee while punching card.

This software is network based software that can be accessible to any Local Area Network computer.


  • Multiple companies and multi unit(s) is managed via this single software.
  • Avoid punching of card by other colleagues.
  • One snap appears at top that shows token belongs to which employee whereas other snap shows who punch the card.
  • Daily Snap is taken of both In and Out transaction.



  • Platform independent
  • Single and server based system 
  • IP based system
  • Multiple company with multiple branches 
  • Unlimited levels
  • Voucher identification 
  • User security management
  • Backup procedure

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