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k-Accounting and Inventory M.S - [ Manufacturing ]

k-A.I.M.S is easy and simple software. This software is feasible for small enterprises to any big organization like factories and different organization to keep track recording of their day to day transactions

Ideal for organizations who have manufacturing concern like purchasing Raw Material from supplier and process it into the factory and get Finished Goods from production department and sent it to store and sale it out to customers.

This software consists of two modules i.e. Inventory Management System and Accounting System

Main feature of this software is that Inventory Management System is integrated / interlinked with Accounting System it means there is no need of recording of purchases/sale and their payable/receivable respectively in accounting system as it comes directly from inventory system.


  • Platform independent
  • Single and server based system 
  • IP based system
  • Multiple User Data Entry 
  • Voucher identification
  • Unlimited levels
  • User security management
  • Backup procedure

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