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Restaurant Billing Management System is a system in which a small restaurantís daily sale is recorded with customer bill with tax or without tax and discount. Itís a very comprehensive system that also control two major parts of restaurant i.e. kitchen and beverages.

In any restaurant Kitchen and Beverage area is totally separated but this One window solution software has make it so simple that it control both area in one window like customer placing an order and you are just simply computerizing it. This system also has the capability of sending QT printout to both locationsseparately. It means that only concern department gets its concern QT printout through our software.

Customer Bill can also be generated on restaurant printed bills.


  • Platform independent
  • Single and server based system 
  • IP based system
  • Multiple company with multiple branches 
  • Unlimited levels
  • Voucher identification 
  • User security management
  • Backup procedure

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