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·         Are your office documents important to you?

·         Are your office documents saved in different computers?

·         Are your office documents accessible to all?

·         Are your office documents corrupted on an off?

·         Are you fed up with losing important files?

·         Are you fed up with mis-management of document files?

·         Are you agreeing to find a simple document/file from different bunches of files in file stores?

·         What if by mistake your office file is deleted?

·         What if, you create/maintain different documents for different jobs and you can’t find them at the time they required quickly.

·         What if, When Searching of particular file is time consuming?

·         What if, allowing access to other user/department is so lengthy and space gaining?


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Don’t worry; we are here to help you out and offering you the best way to manage your files in



·         Java Based Software

·         Opensource Postgresql Database.

·         Store you files into Database.

·         Make Single/Multiple identification for each file.

·         A Network Based Software.

·         Accessible to authorized Users only.

·         A  Secured Software, with Login and Module/Form Wise Permission.

·         Database replication, to store files on different location(s).

·         A Single Click Backup Procedure in one single file.

·         Assign Permission to:

o   All Users, Single/Multiple Users or Single/Multiple Departments.

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